This is where I will announce the most recent major additions to the ShipFoto web site. If you've visited before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first. The Southampton News page is kept up to date on a regular basis and will not be reported below.

August 2010 - 150 new photographs added. All new photos are marked with the icon.

September 2009 - the "Ships in the News" page has been added, showing photographs of ships which have recently made the news.

January 2009 - The ShipFoto Shop has opened for business! From the shop you can buy high quality prints and electronic copies of the photographs on this website. Also a CD with the "Best of 2008" photos has been published.

June 2008 - 150 new photographs added.

December 2008 - Pages and menu system have been re-designed.  

October 3rd 2008 - 152 new photographs added to the photo pages. 

October 25th 2007 - 130 new photographs added.

March 30th 2006 - Another 43 photos added to the photo gallery - mainly taken at Shanghai, Bangkok and Singapore on the TSS Far East Tour in October /November 2005. 

Oct 1st 2005 - Over 60 new photos added taken at Southampton, Terneuzen, and Rotterdam. There are over 450 photographs on the ShipFoto website now.

May 10th 2005 - Added 6 new photographs taken in the Nieuwe Waterweg, Rotterdam.

April 3rd 2005 - Added 6 new photographs taken in Southampton. 

December 19th 2004 - Added 49 new photographs - taken during the Thames Ship Society Turkish Tour during September 2004.

Oct 12th 2004 - Added 51 new photographs to the Photo Gallery - in the Container Ship, Passenger Ship, Refrigerated Ships, Ro-Ro, Tanker and Tug sections.

Sept 15th 2004 - Added 27 new photographs to the Photo Gallery - in the Ferries, Bulk Carriers and General Cargo Ship sections.

May 25th 2004 - Added 80 photographs to the Photo Gallery - a selection of the photographs I took in 2003.

April 12th 2004 - Added a "Shipping News from Southampton" page. This page will contain topical information about shipping in the Port of Southampton, supported by up to date photographs.

January 2004 - The ShipFoto website was launched. Ship photographs take in the years 2000, 2001 & 2002 added.








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